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Matthias Röttcher, Craig Milne and Simon Darch were the founding members and to date Matthias and Craig are running Ground Rush Adventures. Simon left the company in 2005.

Matthias Röttcher is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, Tandem Master, Static Line Instructor, Static Line Examiner, Commercial Pilot and has over 7000 skydives.

Craig Milne is a qualified Fitter and Turner, Tandem Master, Tandem Master Evaluator, AFF Instructor, Static Line Instructor, Senior Rigger and has over 10000 skydives.

The Ground Rush Adventure / Skydive Swakopmund team has worked together since 1997 and most of our skydiving instructors have over 4000 jumps. Our team incorporates five Tandem Masters, two AFF Instructors, four Static Line Instructors, five Freefall Camera Men, two Pilots, Packers and Office Staff.

Ground Rush Adventures / Skydive Swakopmund own and fly two Cessna 206 U-model aircrafts which are specifically equipped for skydiving, complete with handles and roll up doors that make it more comfortable to use for skydiving. The two aircraft are certified and maintained to the standard of the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DCA).

The office of Ground Rush Adventures / Skydive Swakopmund is located at Amanpuri Travelers B&B in town. This makes it convenient for clients as it is within walking distance of other adventure activities, curio shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Amanpuri has a comfortable, well stocked bar which makes the stay memorable and enjoyable.

A fleet of six courtesy vehicles is used for picking up and dropping off clients to ensure smooth running of all activities.
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