The acronym AFP stands for Accelerated Freefall Progression. This program, designed by professional skydivers, is approved by the United States Parachute Association. It has been adopted by the Parachute Association of Namibia (PANAM) and is the most comprehensive skydiving course in the world. Throughout AFP, you will benefit from one-on-one instruction with intensive ground training and direct, in-air supervision. You will progress through 8 performance levels at your own pace, learning basic body flight and canopy skills. Upon successful completion of this course, you will have the tools you need to be a safe skydiver, and participate in all the fun this sport has to offer.



This is the most cost effective way of learning to skydive. During this 6 hour training course the student learns how all the equipment works and how to fly and land a parachute safely. After the training course the student is taken to the Drop Zone which is in the beautiful Namib Desert, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. At the Drop Zone the student is briefed about the jump and is kitted up for the static line jump. Before the student walks to the aircraft, his equipment is re-checked and he is re-briefed on his jump by the static line instructor. When the aircraft reaches 1.000 feet the static line instructor hooks up the static line and at 3.000 feet gets the student ready for exit. After the exit the parachute opens gently and then the student flies his parachute safely back down to the ground for landing.

Course prices (2019)Price in NAD
Static Line Course (incl. first jump)N$ 1700.00
Accelerated Free Fall CourseN$ 15000.00
Hop and Pop (5000 feet)N$ 200.00
Solo Jump 10000 FeetN$ 280.00
Solo Jump 12000 Feet
N$ 320.00
Solo Jump 15000 FeetN$ 450.00