Jump & Package prices (2017)Price in NAD
Tandem SkydiveN$ 2,500.00

Basic Option N$ 900 (Professional Videographer including Photos)
Professional Videographer including photos
Approx 5 min video filmed by a professional With this option, a skydiving cameraman jumps alongside you to catch every angle of your free fall experience. Our highly trained cameraman will interact with you in mid-air, even approaching to shake your hand during free fall! Your cameraman will adjust his position to capture the best close-ups as well as scenic shots taken from a distance. Video and photos will be placed onto a personalized usb memory stick
N$ 900.00
Deluxe Option N$ 1400 (Popular)
This option includes the basic option but has camera angles included that is not possible with the basic option. The tandem instructor will have a camera on his wrist. Once the parachute opens the camera man falls away so he can no longer film you but this option allows the video to switch over to your instructors camera to film your parachute ride as well. This package includes close up angles as well as outside angles of your skydive. It includes high quality digital images of your jump too. The quality and variety of this footage is unbeatable! Video and photos will be placed onto a personalized usb memory stick
N$ 1,400.00
Accelerated Free Fall CourseN$ 14,500.00
Static Line Course (incl. first jump)N$ 1,400.00
Jump Price (10.000 feet)N$ 250.00
Hop and Pop (5.000 feet max)N$ 180.00
Kit HireN$ 45.00
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