Jump & Package prices (2017)Price in NAD
Tandem SkydiveN$ 2,500.00
Optional HandCam Video:
Approx 5 min video filmed by tandem instructor. Edited video downloaded on a USB stick
N$ 500.00
Professional Videographer including photos
Approx 5 min video filmed by a professional cameraman, edited video & photos are downloaded on a USB stick
N$ 900.00
Discounted Deluxe Combo
We will combine both the Handcam option as well as the professional Videographer option and include a T-shirt at a discounted rate. Reward yourself and take this option that includes every angle of your skydive. Save a total of N$500 on this package. Your edited video and photos will be placed on a USB stick.
N$ 1,250.00
Accelerated Free Fall CourseN$ 14,500.00
Static Line Course (incl. first jump)N$ 1,400.00
Jump Price (10.000 feet)N$ 250.00
Hop and Pop (5.000 feet max)N$ 180.00
Kit HireN$ 45.00
* Travelers Cheques, Mastercard, Visa, local and foreign currencies accepted.
* Prices are calculated on current exchange rates.