Tandem Skydiving


Ground Rush Adventures / Skydive Swakopmund started Tandem skydiving in Namibia in 1997 and to date has done over 70 000 tandem skydives in Swakopmund making it one of the largest and most organized tandem operation on the African continent, boasting an impeccable safety record. Ground Rush Adventures is a member of the Namibian Tourism Board.

At our offices indemnities are filled out before skydiving, and different camera and video options are explained to the students.

Tandem Skydive only N$2500:                                book now!


HandCam - N$500

The Handy Cam is our most personalised option and offers a unique style. HandCam footage is taken at close range by your tandem master, who will have a camera mounted onto his wrist. Your edited video will be placed onto a USB stick.

All prices are valid from January 2017 - December 2017.

Professional Videographer incl. Photos N$ 900

With this option, a skydiving cameraman jumps alongside you to catch every angle of your free fall experience. Our highly trained cameraman will interact with you in mid-air, even approaching to shake your hand during free fall! Your cameraman will adjust his position to capture the best close-ups as well as scenic shots taken from a distance. The quality and variety of this footage is unbeatable! Your edited video and photos will be placed onto a USB stick.

Discounted Deluxe Combo Deal - N$1250

We will combine both the Handcam option as well as the professional Videographer option and include a T-shirt at a discounted rate. Reward yourself and take this option that includes every angle of your skydive. Save a total of N$500 on this package. Your edited video and photos will be placed onto a USB stick.