I did a 6 hour static line course, my instructor David made me feel completely comfortable about jumping out of a plane solo; that is not an easy task to achieve! While he drilled in all the important things I was also having a great time. My girlfriend also jumped tandem in the same plane and as soon as we landed we were looking to the skies and planning our next jump. Their jump site isn't used by anyone else and its away from the fog line which comes in almost every morning so they are definitely the only one to use in Swakopmund! All the instructors were really cool and we all had beers together watching the sun go down over the landing strip. What. A. Day! I will be back

Jack R, London, UK, TripAdvisor 25.July, 2016

Most amazing experience of my life !!!! Definitely a must do .... and nowhere else but with these guys of Ground Rush Adventures!!!

They are absolutely amazing. The crew make sure you have an incredible, unforgettable adventure. At the end you feel like part of the family and it is very difficult to leave. Craig, Betsie and Jack, thank you for the best time, you will definitely see me a again....!!!!

Christa B, TripAdvisor, 16.May, 2016

From start to finish, this amazing team ensures a safe and exciting experience. Their offices were located at the lodge I was staying at on a 6 month tour from Cairo to Cape Town (Amanpuri). Weather was constantly monitored to ensure complete safety, and when the skies cleared, I was shuttled to the flight area (to the appropriate tune of "I'm Like A Bird"). Everyone makes you feel completely at ease, most especially my tandem diver/instructor - who kept me laughing. I opted for a video of the experience so I got to see the videographer jump right before me (so effortless). The actual jump... felt absolutely peaceful - which completely surprised me. LOVED it. The first drop is exhilarating and goes by so quickly, then soaring down was like floating - through a circular rainbow, over sand and sea. (vid and pics are loaded onto a usb bracelet with their logo that I still use today). Can't wait to do it again.

Chae Amando, Los Angeles, California - TripAdvisor, 23.June, 2016